Integral development for a better future

In Haiti, TSF leads a program mainly focused on education and community development, including entrepreneurship, health, climate resilience and access to drinking water.

The local team of around 50 employees promotes synergy between the various intervention sites to carry out initiatives based on the strength of young people and proximity to the population.

This approach, which targets the emancipation of both beneficiaries and partners, promotes the development of the environments where the most vulnerable people live.
Croix-des-Bouquets Site
Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline-Lessard and Laferté-Roy School

It is in the heart of Croix-des-Bouquets, a disadvantaged and slum area in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, that TSF intervenes through programs focused on the needs of this vulnerable population.

TSF coordinates the activities of the Laferté-Roy primary school, which welcomes more than 350 children from the area. A complete and diversified program of extracurricular activities ensures the overall development of the child.

A schooling program for street children aimed at integrating them into the regular school system and adult literacy classes are also offered.

Social appeasement program
Set up in 2018, the social appeasement program consists of a series of community activities and services based on the needs of the populations of the area, including during emergencies. Services such as the distribution of drinking water and the charging of cell phones are essential.

Vialet Site
Centre de formation et d’accompagnement des femmes et des jeunes
Located in a rural area, the community of Vialet has a population of approximately 50,000 inhabitants, the majority of whom practice subsistence agriculture. As access to training and basic services is limited there, the center can partially meet these needs.

Food security through resilient agriculture and sustainable systems is at the heart of the training in agroecology offered to farmers in the surrounding communities of Vialet. Community cooking workshops are also available to promote the promotion of local cultures.

Short-term professional training (tiling, electricity, etc.) is offered throughout the year to the population and in the form of an intensive summer camp for young people.

The strength of a network
Participants who demonstrate interest and skills benefit from additional support in order to set up a network of agroecology promoters and/or solidarity mutuals bringing together different small traders.
Île-à-Vache Site
Œuvre Saint-François d’Assise
Located in the community of Mrs. Bernard on Ile-à-Vache, this orphanage mainly helps children and adolescents.

Together in difference
In collaboration with the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi, TSF ensures the education and well-being of underprivileged young people, including around thirty with moderate and severe disabilities.

Community development
A community development program has also been set up so that the population obtains essential basic services, including access to drinking water.