and Values

For a fairer sharing

We provide sustainability and emergency assistance to communities in countries in the southern hemisphere, with a view to ensuring sustainable access to education, health care and decent incomes for all. 
To achieve this, we support local and Canadian stakeholders, in particular professionals who transfer skills and strengthen our partners.
All our actions foster fair sharing, gender equality, environmental respect and sound governance.


The search for collective wellbeing, guided by a duty to help and to share, must always drive and govern the actions of our organization’s members and stakeholders.


Interactions between TSF members and stakeholders must be courteous and foster an atmosphere that is free of all forms of harassment, discrimination and violence. We believe in cultural diversity and the advancement of an environment in which everyone is appreciated and treated with dignity.


Our open-mindedness, creativity and agility allow us to adapt our practices and projects, so we can set ourselves apart in all our areas of activity. When faced with new situations, we strive to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.


In all our work and to the best of our ability, we espouse responsible, honourable, impartial and fair conduct, and follow all laws and regulations. Each person must act in TSF’s best interests and do what’s necessary to ensure treatment is consistent and free of discrimination in all its forms.  


Each person must be invested and motivated in their work and strive to attain their objectives by leveraging resources efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to give populations the tools to become more autonomous, facilitate their development and provide sustainable access to a decent standard of living.