A better life with agroecology

Vialet’s agroecology program in Haiti offers farmers the opportunity to discover ecological agricultural techniques allowing them to practice subsistence agriculture offering better yields while being environmentally sustainable. The food security of families is thus greatly improved.



Marose, Haiti

“My name is Carol. I am a 44 years old mother of six children and I live in Marose. Since I was very young, I have always had a very strong link with the environment, due to my rural origins and my father who worked in this sector of activity.
My whole family lives mainly on what the land produces, but I must admit that the harvests have never been as good as expected since my husband and I did not really master agricultural techniques.

But after attending the introductory training sessions in agro-ecology offered by TSF in Vialet, I started growing vegetables on family land and found new, more efficient and more profitable ways of growing my gardens.

I am now part of the Agro-ecological Initiative Group of Vialet (GIAV) which gives us access to a portion of land. We were able to start a community garden by putting into practice and sharing our knowledge.
I can say that life is better than before.”