The Birth

The Brothers of Christian Instruction (FIC) recognized the need to support the work of their missions in Africa and set up an organization called Prodéva FIC (Development and Evangelization Project). Brother Robert Gonneville is appointed director general. After a fundraising campaign that raised $1 million, drinking water, health and education projects were launched in the African Great Lakes region.


The Soaring

A second organization, Avions Sans Frontières, was launched to support Prodéva to improve efficiency in the transport of patients, medicines and the materials needed to carry out projects in Upper Zaire.


The reinforcement

The corporate name of Prodéva FIC has been changed to become Prodéva Tiers-Monde in order to better represent the many activities carried out outside the sphere of the FIC. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) agrees to fund Prodéva Tiers-Monde through an annual budget rather than per project.


The Crash

On February 16, 1989, an Avions Sans Frontières Cessna 206 crashed into the Nyiragongo volcano, near Goma, Zaire. Four brothers and a couple of Dutch nationality are killed.


The Assassination

Bro. François Cardinal, regional representative, is assassinated in Butamwa, Rwanda. The overall political climate in the country forces Prodéva Tiers-Monde to restrict its activities there.


Terre Sans Frontières

Terre Sans Frontières becomes the new entity under which Prodéva Tiers-Monde and Avions Sans Frontières are grouped.


The Genocide

Development activities are definitively stopped in Rwanda following the socio-political disturbances which lead to a genocide. The regional office is moved to Burundi.


The Accident

Mr. Denis Ouellet, regional representative based in Burundi, dies in a road accident. His interventions during the genocide in Rwanda will have saved the lives of many people.


The Volunteering

The volunteer program based on the sending of health professionals is launched. The desire is to offer specialized health care to populations that do not have access to it, first in optometry and dentistry.


The Consolidation

TSF signs a first five-year $6M agreement with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


The Eruption

The Nyiragongo volcano, located near Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, erupts. TSF will devote more than half a million dollars to help the disaster victims.


The Branding

TSF revamps its visual branding in preparation for its 25th anniversary celebrations.


The Tsunami

Following the terrible tsunami of December 2004, TSF embarked on a vast reconstruction project in southern India.


The Renewal

The five-year agreement with the Canadian government is renewed. The program presented provides for about a hundred projects in six countries.


The Earthquake

A powerful earthquake ravages Haiti, particularly the capital Port-au-Prince. TSF will launch a vast reconstruction program there in collaboration with CIDA.


The Break

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is reorganizing. It refuses the new five-year program submitted by TSF, which must be restructured.


The Humanitarian Aid

TSF is resolutely embarking on humanitarian aid by establishing a partnership with the United Nations Agency for Refugees in the Republic of Congo.


The Direction

Mr. Jean L. Fortin is appointed as general manager, replacing Bro. Robert Gonneville who was at the helm of the organization for 35 years.


The Volunteering

A five-year agreement is signed with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for a program to send volunteers specialized in health. The agreement was not renewed.


The Moving

La Prairie’s head office is moved to a new building, still on the Collège Jean-de-la-Mennais campus.


The Risks

All strategic directions, guiding principles and governance structure guiding risk and security management are subject to extensive review.


The Pandemic

COVID-19 hits: employees areworking from home, the sending of volunteers is suspended and a contingency plan is put in place in the field.


The reinforcement

Opening of a field office and start of a new program in Senegal.