Equality between women and men

A human rights issue

Equality is a fundamental human right, yet in no society do women enjoy the same rights as men.

Reducing the inequalities suffered by women helps to reduce poverty and, in general, to improve the living conditions of their families and communities.

Based on this reality, TSF directs its work so that each of its programmes and projects is able to :

1) Promote, support and encourage the full participation of women as decision-makers on an equal footing with men.

2) Work for the transformation of power relations between men and women and the reduction of inequalities in access to and control over resources and the benefits of development.

3) Support women and girls in the full exercise of their rights.

Integrating a gender perspective into both development and humanitarian projects is essential to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible, taking into account all the inequalities and issues in the countries where we work. 

Only 34%

of girls enrol in secondary school, even after completing primary schools in Senegal.

Between 13 & 26%

That’s the pay gap between women and men in Bolivia.


of Tanzanian women own agricultural land, compared with 47% of men.