YEESO Youth Program for Education

The YEESO youth program was set up in the locality of Loumbal Baladji in the Matam region. It aims to improve the quality of life of young schoolchildren, especially girls, through a school retention program.

TSF participated in the improvement of learning conditions for young people in Loumbal Baladji through a one-off project to rehabilitate and extend the primary school and middle school in Loumbal Baladji.
This project has offered local students and teachers a better school life space (rehabilitation of classrooms, construction of administrative blocks, hygiene blocks, caretaker accommodation, and school canteen, etc.). In addition, the academic spaces have been equipped with tables, benches, chairs, metal cupboards, tables and fans.

Distribution of school supplies
TSF plans to support the distribution of school supplies and teaching materials to Baladji students for 3 years. TSF’s support helped 447 pupils from Baladji and Dendody primary schools and Baladji middle school. Students generally received slates, pens, notebooks, reading novels, geometry kits, calculators, as well as materials for teachers (notebooks, printer, ream of paper, etc.). Due to the socio-economic problems of parents who had difficulty meeting the educational needs of their children, the supplies distributed help to keep young people in school.

Fields school / Nutrition
TSF in collaboration with 30 women volunteers from the community of Loumbal Baladji aims to set up an organic garden at Baladji in order to ensure the operation of the school canteen of the college and that of the case des tout petits (daycare centre). These women will be trained in good farming practices thanks to the expertise of an agricultural engineer. Through this initiative, TSF aims to improve the nutritional situation of young people by providing them with hot meals.

Student Transportation
TSF facilitated access to college and high school for students from Lombal Baladji and the surrounding area thanks to transportation support. Indeed, a diagnostic analysis had revealed that the distance traveled (11km) or more between Loumbal Baladji and its hamlets and the high school of Oréfondé, and the lack of means of transport were risk factors for dropping out of school.
To help keep young people in school and boost the school completion rate, TSF, in collaboration with the community of Baladji, supports the transportation of 43 students (32 students from Baladji and Dendoudy, and 11 from Thianguel).

Vision care / Health
In the first year of the yeeso youth program, a volunteer cooperation mission was organized. This mission brought together 2 opticians and three 3 optometrists from Canada who traveled to Baladji to consult and offer adapted glasses to students and other members of the community of Baladji and the surrounding area. A volunteer cooperation mission was organized at TSF to provide vision care to students and certain members of the Loumbal Baladji community who needed this. During this initiative, 691 people were consulted, including 294 students. The arrival of the volunteers favored the improvement of the sight of several pupils who were consulted and received glasses which corrected their sight according to the pathology detected.

Raising young people’s awareness of school perseverance
TSF supported the organization of mass community awareness activities through social mobilizations. The objective is to revitalize the existing community frameworks with a view to strengthening the academic performance of students, the supervision and monitoring of activities at the school level.
With the support of middle school and elementary school principals, TSF participated in the creation of two girls’ clubs. Their role is to educate their peers periodically on the importance of learning the lessons, on respecting class schedules, on inviting parents to enroll children. They support the identification of girls in a situation of dropping out and participate in their awareness.

Early childhood support
With the Yeeso youth program, TSF plans to build a toddlers’ hut (daycare center) in Loumbal Baladji to relieve congestion in the primary school and provide young children with a learning space adapted to their needs.
Also, this service will help keep the children of young mothers in school in a safe and suitable space. This initiative aims to strengthen the retention of young mothers in school. In 2022, it is estimated that 4 young girls, at the College level, are at risk of dropping out of school since they are expecting a child. After birth, young girls often struggle to find someone they trust to care for their baby.

Global budget
2021-2025: $2,936,000 CAD

Financial partner
Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation (MJCF)

Association Bamtaré/Loumbal Baladji
Academy Inspection (IA) of Matam
Matam Education and Training Inspectorate (IEF)