TSF Partners with theFondation Jacqueline Lessard

Posted on 10 March 2014

Categories: Education

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Ms. Jacqueline Lessard, a resident of Alma who was taking care of disadvantaged children in Haiti, launched an appeal so that the home that lodged these kids could be rebuilt. Several people in the region got together and started the Fondation Jacqueline Lessard, which raised enough money to build new houses in Croix-des-Bouquets.

Ms. Lessard made it to Haiti to see the new buildings with her own eyes, but illness claimed her life before she could return and live amongst the children.

Before her death in August 2013, Jacqueline Lessard clearly expressed her dearest wish, which was that the Fondation Jacqueline Lessard pursues its work. The Fondation then entrusted the management of its projects to Terre Sans Frontières, with the financial support of Mr. Jean Coutu. “TSFs’ field experience and its network of partners, at home and in Haiti, allow us to ensure the continuity of the Fondation”, assures Brother Robert Gonneville, CEO of Terre Sans Frontières and the new CEO of Fondation Jacqueline Lessard.

“Her grandson showed her pictures of the arrival of 35 new children. This was the most beautiful gift she could get before leaving us”, he adds, while mentioning that Ms. Lessard also expressed the wish that the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard’s children would develop a sense of gratitude in their lives.

Management of the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard was handed over to the Filles de Marie Reine Immaculée (FMRI), a Haitian religious community experienced in this type of project since they also manage two elementary schools in Croix-des- Bouquets.


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