Training and Coaching Centre for Youths and Women Farmers in Vialet

The training and coaching centre for youths and women farmers is in a rural area in the Vialet community, between Petit-Goâve and Miragoane.
Vialet has a population of around 50,000, most of whom practice subsistence farming. Access to training and basic services is limited, so the centre helps meet some of these needs.
Training program
175 beneficiaries
The training centre is in an area largely populated by farmers. The activities therefore revolve around agroecology, with a focus on women and youths. The desired results are:
Food security
– Agriculture that is resistant to climate change
– System for sustainable agriculture
– Development of local cultures
– Empowerment through the adoption of techniques that are adapted to the local environment and agriculture system, and, most importantly, that are attainable for farmers who don’t have access to financing
– Reforestation, protected areas and agroforestry
– Environmental responsibility

Literacy learning allows women farmers to acquire further knowledge.

Training focuses on building borders for agroecology plots.
Extracurricular activities program
100 beneficiaries
This program offers teenage girls capoeira lessons, to help prevent gender-based violence.
Community development program
5000 beneficiaries
Access to drinking water is improved by rehabilitating the water supply system.
Main partners
Association des Producteurs et Agroécologistes Du Sud-Est (APAESE – association of producers and agroecologists from the Sud-Est department): 150 members 
APAESE aims to enhance adaptive capacity and resilience through agroecology, and improve rural and urban living environments in the Sud-Est department.

Centre de formation et de protection de l’environnement (CEFOPE – training and environmental protection centre): 90 members
CEFOPE’s mission is to work collectively and improve living conditions, agriculture, health and environmental protection in the communal sections of Petit-Goâve.

Comité des femmes dévouées pour le développement de Marose (COFADEM – committee of devoted women for the development of Marose): 85 members
COFADEM’s primary mission is to improve conditions for women in the community and ensure their integration into society as responsible and supportive citizens.

Viv Espwa pou Devlopman Kap-Wouj (VEDEK): 1,500 members
VEDEK contributes to the advancement of the Cap-Rougeoise community, with a focus on disadvantaged farmers.

Lev’elles up 
Women committee and movement offering training and education and encouraging young girls to emancipate.



Giving Hope to Vulnerable Children