Strengthening health partners to better accommodate populations in rural areas

Many of the communities residing in districts (municipalities) in the Kilimanjaro region of north-eastern Tanzania do not have easy access to health centres. Mostly living in small towns and villages that are less well served, the infrastructure for primary and specialized health services is very basic and barely equipped. TSF aims to strengthen its health partners so that they offer services adapted to their patients, but also to support it in improving their capacity to serve a greater number of patients.

Our interventions are defined around two types of activities:

Infrastructure rehabilitation
In collaboration with partners (health centers and hospitals), TSF intervenes in the rehabilitation of existing health and departmental spaces in the latter (maternity, optometry clinic, dental clinic, physiotherapy room). In addition, we support partners through the provision of specialized equipment and materials. As a result, the rehabilitation of infrastructure is done by strengthening existing services, which allows communities to have access to advanced and good quality services on site and avoid having to travel to major centers of urban references.

Strengthening the skills of health professionals
We promote an exchange of expertise between local and Canadian professionals.
The actions of volunteer cooperators are directly linked to the TSF program in Tanzania. They fit into 3 main sections:
1. Capacity building of local professionals (in person or virtual);
2. Technical support in the development of new projects in collaboration with other partners in Canada;
3. Promotion of the services available, by raising the awareness of the populations served.