Social and professional inclusion

At school
– Ensure young people have access to quality physiotherapy care within the centre..

– Professional integration workshop program for adolescents and young adults with disabilities.

– Establishment of a repair and adaptation service for wheelchairs and other technical aids.

– Financing of the Internet connection for the adaptation of school materials.

– 7 classrooms are equipped with technological equipment so that teachers can adapt their educational material to the needs of children and adolescents.

– During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to react quickly to the needs of this vulnerable community. That is why we carry out the following actions:
1- Ensure access to online education for young people from the center (school learning + physiotherapy) and from the community (access point, community “internet cafes”)
2- Give food baskets to 150 families living with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

– Offer tools to young people who wish to pursue their studies at a higher level.

– Reinforcement and acquisition of new skills by teachers and staff of the Center in supporting children with disabilities.

Iin the community
– Awareness workshops with children without disabilities from Ricaurte schools.

– Construction of wheelchair access ramps in strategic places in the community (grocery store, hospital, etc.)

– Redevelopment of the playground adjacent to the school with modules adapted for children with or without disabilities.

-Accompaniment of families in the establishment of healthy and safe daily living habits for members of their families with reduced mobility. ​

– Creation of healthy daily routines for maintaining physical fitness with the elderly or those with reduced mobility. ​