Severe flooding in northern Congo

Posted on 12 December 2019

Categories: Health

At the beginning of October, heavy downpours caused an abnormal rise of the Oubangui river in the Likouala region, which is in northern Republic of the Congo. Thirteen villages were flooded.

In most of the areas concerned, much of the infrastructure, including schools and health centres, was impacted, bringing activities to a halt. By early November, 17,000 people were affected, 3,900 homes were destroyed, 14,000 farm animals were dead or missing, and 5,500 hectares of fields were under water.

Based in Bétou, the TSF team, which collaborates with UNHCR in the region, quickly got to work to help disaster victims.

We began distributing medication, antibiotics, antiseptics and disinfectants. Epidemiological surveillance and an intervention plan were also put in place to fight waterborne diseases, which could spread quickly with the contamination of water points.

Major needs persist, particularly related to health, hygiene and sanitation, as well as food assistance.


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