Strengthening our partners

The Office of sound management and governance is a program dedicated to capacity building in administrative management, accounting and governance with our partners, who are committed to the well-being of vulnerable populations.
To achieve this, women and men specializing in accounting management and administration volunteer to go into the field, and provide training, advice and coaching to foster skills development.
Terre Sans Frontières thus helps its partners become better prepared to do their work, more autonomous and capable of meeting the requirements of international development.
The Office of sound management and governance’s field missions vary in duration, generally lasting two to three weeks depending on the location and the scope of the work.
Volunteer cooperants must be adaptable, very open to others and willing to live in modest conditions.
Terre Sans Frontières’s field partners take care of lodging and transportation from the airport to the work site.
Terre Sans Frontières handles mission logistics. Volunteer safety is always a priority.