Experience working in the field

Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières (HTSF) wishes to launch and support homeopathic missions in developing countries, to allow disadvantaged people or people who do not have access to benefit from natural health care, in a context of direct volunteer action with a focus on sustainable development.

These missions can involve:
• Care for the population
• Training for mothers (family homeopathy and the preparation of emergency homeopathy kits), community health promoters (primary health care), other professionals and trainers
• Internships for homeopathy students
• Exchanges and cooperation the field with local professional homeopaths and multidisciplinary teams
• Research to identify, experiment with, and work on the conservation and sustainable development of local and native homeopathic resources
• Collaboration with other humanitarian organizations

The goal is to address the needs of the populations concerned in terms of primary health care and remedy autonomy.

These actions aim to :
• Ensure the recurrence and follow-up of homeopathic missions by developing close relationships with field partners. Over the long term, set up permanent structures to address the needs of the populations served.
• Foster the globalization of homeopathic care by ensuring the mobility of skilled people and know-how in the regions served.
• Search for and approach national and international cooperation projects willing to allow their members to serve their missions in parts of the world where HTSF may be needed.