Visual and dental care

Providing affordable specialized care

Did you know?

– Every year, 10,000 to 12,000 Malians go blind due to cataracts.
– Close to 1,500,000 people suffer from glaucoma in Mali.
– Mali only has one dentist per 200,000 population.

Professional and community-based training

The purpose of the project in Mali is to provide professional and community-based visual and dental training. Canadian dentists and optometrists will go to Mali over the next five years to build the professional and organizational capacity of the Segue community health centre and the Kolokani referral health centre, both located in the Koulikouro Region.

The project also includes the establishment and outfitting of an optometry clinic at the Kolokani community health centre, and the enhancement of the dental clinic at the Segue community health centre, in order to provide care to underprivileged populations at little to no cost.

It is expected that the project will have an impact on close to 88,800 people over the next five years.

Field partner

Sahel 21 (S21) will work with TSF to carry out this project in Mali.

Created in 1992 to improve the living conditions of rural populations in Mali’s Sahelian region, S21 mainly works with 24 villages in the rural communes of Sagabala and Didiéni, located in Kolokani Cercle. S21 is also sometimes present in Nara Cercle. The six areas of intervention are local development, literacy, health, revolving credit, food security and rural entrepreneurship.