Capacity building at Usangi Hospital

Tanzania only has 12 dental professionals.

Did you know?

– There are only five optometrists in Tanzania, which has a population of 49.25 million inhabitants.
– In northern Tanzania, cataracts are the cause of total vision loss in one third of the blind population.

Organizational and professional development

The purpose of the project in Tanzania is to increase the Usangi Hospital’s organizational and professional capacity in the areas of visual and dental health, which will enhance the services available to the population.

To achieve this, Canadian optometry and dentistry professionals will train doctors, nurses and medical assistants over the next five years. Furthermore, two external clinics, a dental clinic and an optometry clinic, will be equipped and given supplies.

The goal is to aid more than 62,000 people.

Field partner

Established in 1924, Usangi Hospital serves a population of approximately 140,000 people. It supervises six health centres and 37 dispensaries. In addition to the dental and optometry clinics, the hospital has a health department for mothers and children, a diabetes clinic and a clinic to treat people with HIV/AIDS.