Visual and dental health

Capacity building at Usangi Hospital

Tanzania only has 12 dental professionals.

Second Year Results in Tanzania

In the second year of the program, the optometry and dentistry interventions took place at the Usangi hospital and the Mwanga health centre

Volontaires sur le terrain

4 field missions
– 1 dentist
– 1 ophthalmologist
– 1 optician
– 2 dental hygienists
– 1 nurse

Capacity building

A total of 8 theoretical and practical training courses in dentistry and optometry made it possible for 21 professionals, i.e. 14 women and 7 men, to develop their skills.

Dentistry courses
Endodontic treatment for permanent and primary teeth
– Post-endodontic restoration
– Treatment alternative (apioectomy)
– Using the panoramic X-ray machine
– Baby bottle syndrome
– Pharmacology
– Prevention (risk factors, dental hygiene and nutrition)

Optometry courses
– Detecting diseases of the eye, including glaucoma
– Using the slit lamp, tonometry, gonioscopy, visual field function, using the keratometer
– Delivery of a protocol, reference books and printable sheets to facilitate screening for diseases of the eye
– Lens grinding and inventory maintenance
– Using the machine to mark the lenses and the lensmeter to analyze glasses
– Detection of eye health problems by 2 optometrists


– Oral health program launched in schools with 30 children
– Visual screening program launched in schools with 389 children

Other results

– 1 more dentist in the local team at the Mwanga health centre
– Review of guidelines for the management of biomedical waste in dentistry