School sponsorship program in Haiti

The school sponsorship program conducted in Haiti in collaboration with the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation allows children from disadvantaged backgrounds who attended the Laferté Roy primary school of the Child Development Center Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard, in Croix-des-Bouquets, to undertake secondary studies in Vialet.


 Francia Jacob

Cité Soleil

” Before my secondary studies in Vialet, I was placed at the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard (MAJL) by my mother who was unable to support us. This is where my life changed. The warm welcome of the sisters and TSF who took care of me, that’s what I needed for a wonderful childhood. “

Miraculeuse Destin

Cité Soleil

” I am now in Vialet where I receive quality education and support for my future plans, such as becoming a nurse. I hope to eventually be able to return to the children of the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard to do medical follow-ups for the children. “

Jean-Elie Jean


” After being welcomed at the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard (MAJL) in Croix-des-Bouquets, here I am in secondary I class in Vialet.
Eventually I want to do accounting because my dream is to become someone important and that will only be possible by being useful to the children of MAJL and to society. “

Robens Dieujuste

Cité Soleil

” I am now studying at Vialet after being spotted with great joy by the Maison de l’Avenir sisters Jacqueline Lessard. This is where I really started to taste life. I say this because I received a lot of support there, both emotionally and educationally. Support that I had never had before. “

Shooby Joseph


” Before being taken in by the sisters of the Maison de l’Avenir Jacqueline Lessard (MAJL), I lived in Gantier with my parents, my six brothers and my two sisters. In such a poor family, it was difficult to meet my basic needs. But at the age of 10, my parents sent me to MAJL where my life really took on meaning. Here I am today continuing my studies at Vialet. “