St. Francis of Assisi care centre

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The Saint François d’Assise care centre in Île-à-Vache, Haiti, is an organization that houses 70 children, 20 of whom have various disabilities.

Since 2015, we have been supporting the centre’s operations and development to ensure that the children who live there have the best possible care, which includes regular medical follow-ups.

A lot of infrastructure work has been done: the physiotherapy building used to treat and educate children with disabilities was rebuilt, the toilets in their dormitory and the solar energy system were rehabilitated, and a well was dug.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit the orphanage especially hard, and we were the first organization on the ground at Île-à-Vache to help the children and staff.

Achievements in 2017–2018

– Setup of a classroom for children with disabilities
– Construction of a new laundry room and two sanitary blocks—one for the girls’ section and one for the school, adjacent to the centre
– Plumbing repair, installation of a water filtration system, rehabilitation of a water reservoir to which a pump was added, and installation of a water fountain at the school
– Installation of a small incinerator and a needle pit for biomedical waste
– Ongoing monthly medical follow-ups for the children overseen by two doctors, and addition of a nurse to the team
– Purchases of equipment for the infirmary and medication for the pharmacy
– Administrative and financial support


Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu

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