Reintegration support for spontaneous returnees to Mali

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In 2012, the abuses committed by several armed groups in northern Mali forced its people to flee their homes and take refuge elsewhere in the country. Now that the situation has stabilized, many are returning. To help returnees reintegrate into their living environment and to foster peaceful coexistence between communities, Sahel 21, a Terre Sans Frontières subsidiary in Mali, is supporting a shelter and infrastructure program in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency.

Operating locations

Gao, Kidal and Ménaka


Construction and rehabilitation of shelters and social infrastructures


One year


One year

Results for 2017–2019


  • Construction of 340 adobe shelters
  • Construction of 351 traditional dwellings

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

  • Construction of 14 new wells
  • Rehabilitation of eight latrines with faucets

Economic recovery and income-generating activities

  • Support and recovery in agriculture for 29 farm groups
  • Support and recovery in feeding and livestock for 47 stock farmer groups
  • Income-generating activity support for 95 people
  • Distribution of money to 82 people
  • Supplies for 50 artisans
  • Support for 17 groups of young men and women with microprojects in three cities
  • Assistance for 25 people under the UNHCR mandate
  • Support for the migrant reception centre’s Djery Been association
  • Support for the Tin Affer vegetable farm (purchase of seeds, watering cans, dabas, motor pumps, wheelbarrows and fencing)
  • Support for the regional civil defence branch in Gao (purchase of sleeping gear, mattresses, utensils, soap and office equipment)

These achievements facilitated the reintegration of 154,531 voluntary returnees between 2017 and 2019.

2020 targets

Funding was renewed in 2020. Planned activities will emphasize continuous information, awareness, training, support and advice. We also intend to develop infrastructure in villages where we’ve worked in the past, as well as new ones.


UN Refugee Agency

Contact in Mali

Office of Sahel 21, a Terre Sans Frontières subsidiary in Mali
Quartier hippodrome, rue 232, villa 700
BP 9045
Bamako, Mali
Tel.: +223 20 21 91 02


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