Integrated development in Mali villages

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Operating area

Koulikoro, Mali


Sahel 21, TSF’s subsidiary in Mali, oversees a wide-ranging integrated community development program in 24 Kolokani Cercle villages, in the Koulikoro region.
Five years (2019–2024)

2019–2020 results

Efforts were undertaken to support local development, literacy, sexual, reproductive and nutritional health, entrepreneurship, and access to credit, with a view to helping the villages attain positive results.

Support for local development
The goal is for village communities to develop a significant number of independent technical, institutional and financial structures on a local and inter-village scale by 2024. Local stakeholders will be trained and equipped to oversee all operations with transparency and credibility.

This year’s achievements are:
– 32 awareness workshops in the villages with 4,611 participants, 54% of whom were women
– Various village discussion sessions and training activities for village organization leaders
– Annual literacy campaign
– Advanced training for literacy campaign trainers and supervisors
– Construction of eight new literacy centres
– Scholarships for 66 young girls in Kolokani Cercle, in the Koulikoro region
– Sports competitions in Nara Cercle and Kolokani Cercle, in the Koulikoro region

Sexual, reproductive and nutritional health
Programs and workshops were developed to collaborate closely with all sectors involved and ensure the health and nutritional wellbeing of young girls, as well as men and women in the area.

This year’s achievements are:
– Five information workshops on sexual and reproductive health with 120 participants, including 48 women. Topics included family planning, early marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), and malnutrition in pregnant women and the elderly.
– Two animation sessions on sexual and reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, FGM and nutrition, in 52 villages with 3,120 participants, including 1,778 women
– Training for 48 health and social workers, and various awareness sessions with 105 participants, 40 of whom were women, including villagers, traditional healers and traditional birth attendants
– 52 committees bringing together 260 women nutritionists trained and equipped in 52 villages. Topics included breastfeeding, nutrition and cooking demonstrations
Construction of two wells

Access to credit

A credit system was developed to support economic initiatives in 37 villages.

This year’s achievements are:
Assistance for 22 rotating funds in 22 villages


Train, support, guide and provide financial assistance to developers for their business projects, from inception to growth.

This year’s achievements are:
– Awareness efforts reaching 1,187 people and selection of 44 new developers, 50% of whom are women
– Local assistance and follow-up veterinary care for 32 former developers

Support in Banankoro

This project supports and transfers knowledge to the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis, with a view to extending the scope of their individual and group work with women in Banankoro, a periurban area near Bamako.

This year’s achievements are:
– Construction of centre for the advancement of women
– Technical training in organic gardening and sewing for 34 women

The following is planned for 2020–2021:
– Improve quality of life for women, men and youths in 37 rural villages in Kolokani Cercle
– Increase economic power for women, men and youths in 37 rural villages in Kolokani Cercle
– Ensure the viability of the women’s entrepreneurship program in the periurban area of Banankoro through the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis
– Reinforce Sahel 21-TSF’s support capacity and efficiency
– Provide comprehensive support to more than 37 villages in the communes of Didieni and Sagabala, and the periurban area of Bamako (Banankoro), reaching more than 32,319 beneficiaries


Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu

Contact in Mali

Bureau de Sahel 21, filiale de Terre Sans Frontières au Mali
Hippodrome Bamako
Rue 234, Porte 981
BP 9045
Bamako, Mali
Tél.: +223 20 21 91 02


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