Integrated development in 24 villages

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Sahel 21 is an extensive program in Mali which serves 21 villages in Kolokani Cercle, in the region of Koulikoro.

Sahel 21’s work fosters integrated community development whose quality is recognized by the Malian government and many international agencies.

Since its creation in 1992, Sahel 21 has received financial support from the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation.

Sahel 21 has six main components:
1- Local development
Objective: Support the development and self-sufficiency of several villages. When Sahel 21 supports a new village, local development is the first step.

2- Literacy
Objective: Offer beginner and advanced literacy sessions to interested parties in the villages supported by Sahel 21. Sahel 21 also trains villagers, so they can hold their own sessions. Sahel 21’s literacy sessions are recognized by the Malian government.

3- Health
Objective: Support three community health centres, a maternity centre and three non-profit associations in charge of their management, with a view to leading health protection and promotion activities.

4- Revolving credit
Objective: Set up a revolving credit fund in each supported village, to encourage villager endeavours. Men generally use this kind of credit to acquire materials for agriculture, whereas women use it for small trade, such as the sale of garden produce.

5- Food security
Objective: Help farmers make their lands more productive by supplying inputs and outputs, providing training and advice, and experimenting with new techniques. Five grain banks also receive support.

6- Rural entrepreneurship (start of project)
Objective: Train, assist, guide and provide financial support to promoters, so they may create and grow their business projects.


Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation

Contact in Mali

Sahel 21 Office, Terre Sans Frontières’ subsidiary in Mali
Hippodrome Bamako
Rue 234, Porte 98
BP 9045
Bamako, Mali
Tél.: +223 20 21 91 02

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