Fondation Paradis des Indiens in Abricots

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In 1972, Michaëlle and Patrick de Verteuil created Fondation Paradis des Indiens (FPDI) in Abricots, a small fishing village in Grande Anse. Its mission is to help poor children in the area get an education.

In 2011, FPDI was running 11 schools—10 of which were in isolated communities in the neighbouring hills—attended by 1,734 boys and 1,577 girls.

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the area. Every school was affected, and some were completely destroyed.

Terre Sans Frontières began its partnership with FPDI after Hurricane Matthew. With its solid rebuilding expertise in Haiti, TSF was able to help the local organization construct durable buildings meeting safety standards.


Rebuilding schools
500 beneficiaries

Two schools, Marguerite Aussant in Bwa Pagnol and Amis de Balisier in Balisier, were rebuilt. Each school has a capacity for 250 students.

While these schools were being rebuilt, TSF also provided FPDI with technical reinforcement, including studies, computer-assisted drawing, supervision (project manager), training for a local supervising engineer and adherence to standards (plans, partner awareness, improvement of contracting and bidding procedures).

Hurricane protection
1,000 beneficiaries

The two schools, which were rebuilt to standards, can each shelter 500 people during a hurricane.

Hurricane season is from July to November. On average, 15 named tropical storms occur every year, and eight or nine of them become hurricanes. Therefore, the chances of another hurricane hitting Grande Anse in the years to come are high.

Accounting support

TSF also offered FPDI accounting assistance, updating its accounting procedures, training and supporting its accountant, and helping with its semiannual audit.


Fondation Paradis des Indiens

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