Emergency infrastructure for refugees

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Since 2014, Terre Sans Frontières and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has been running an emergency infrastructure program in aid of some 15,000 refugees, returnees and displaced persons in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The main places of operation are in Bondo and Ango, in the north of the country, where large numbers of people are flooding in from South Sudan. This program, which initially focused on setting up emergency reception facilities, is now emphasizing more permanent structures like small houses for families, schools, health centres and community halls. Food supplies are also still being distributed.

Initiatives have also made it possible to support displaced persons more to the south in Ituri, particularly in Tchomia and Bogoro.

Furthermore, in January, emergency aid was dispatched to help 4,500 South Sudanese refugees and 2,500 Congolese returnees who crossed the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo border. This project will make it possible to distribute rations consisting of grains, pulses, oil and salt.


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
World Food Programme (WFP)

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