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Project completed

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the diocesan coordination projects of Isiro and Dungu put together an extensive capacity-building program for primary teachers in 350 primary schools serving more than 75,000 students. The project also aimed to make teachers aware of the importance of educating young girls, and give headteachers the opportunity to develop their management and computer skills.

Sessions took place in Isiro, Dungu, Poko and Watsa, on a territory as big as Rwanda and Burundi combined. The project made it possible to restore many rooms in the schools that hosted these sessions. Books and materials were distributed.

More than 400 teachers and 214 managers received training. The project raised awareness of the importance of girls’ education among 24,500 students with radio broadcasts and information pamphlets.


Québec International Development Program (PQDI)
Roncalli International Foundation


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