Present even in an emergency

When Mali is hit by growing food insecurity, we try by all means to set up activities to mitigate the effects on the populations with whom we work. Thus, S21-TSF makes occasional food distributions and also supports the World Food Programme.
Punctual food distribution
Food distribution is sometimes necessary and complementary to malnutrition awareness activities. During food distribution, an assessment is made in collaboration with community relays to ensure that aid is distributed to the most vulnerable populations.

– Distribution of cereals in 2011-2012
– Distribution of cereals in 2017 to 35 villages
– Distribution of cereals in 2021 to 55 villages and 40 hamlets
– Distribution of cereals in 2022 to 95 villages
– Distribution of cereals in 2023 to committees of women nutritionists in 30 villages
These interventions reached more than 550,000 people.

Support for the World Food Program (WFP)

Our support consists of ensuring that the food provided by the WFP in certain schools, markets and community health centers is carried out properly and that beneficiaries, young and old, receive all the support promised.