Physiotherapy for inhabitants of Bolivia’s Altiplano

In Bolivia, physiotherapy and rehabilitation is practically nonexistent in rural areas, even though the country’s predominant economic activities create a pressing need for it.
On the Altiplano, men essentially raise livestock and work in mines, and women work in agriculture in the fields. These activities require great physical exertion and are hard on the body, often leading to injuries, especially to the hands and back, and to severe muscle aches that can cause serious problems involving the nervous, vascular and musculoskeletal systems if left untreated. More than 27% of the population is affected by neurological disorders, and 7 out of 10 children suffer from pediatric diseases.
To provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the rural populations of Pucarani and Laja, TSF has launched a project in partnership with Fondation Louise Grenier.

1- Establish physiotherapy clinics in the Pucarani and Laja health centres.
2- Enhance the competencies of Bolivian physiotherapists, guiding them toward dynamic and progressive treatments, with help from their specialized peers and Canadian volunteer cooperants.
3- Conduct an awareness campaign within target communities to screen for musculoskeletal problems and emphasize the importance of using available physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Pucarani: 29,593 inhabitants
Laja: 25,829 inhabitants

Local partners
The municipality of Pucarani
The municipality of Laja



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