PSF in Senegal – Autumn 2018

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Senegal, Dakar and Fatick

Mission dates

October 30th to November 20th, 2018 (3 weeks)

Framework of intervention

Regions of Dakar and Fatick, Senegal, the National Association of Catholic Health Posts of Senegal (ANPSCS) which brings together 76 health structures composed as follows:
• 22 health posts with maternity
• 2 health posts with a CREN
• 2 CREN
• 48 health posts, 1 cps (AIDS service),
• 01 nursery
• A training center for midwives

Its aim is to work for health and social development integrating care into a preventive, curative and social perspective with a view to the overall recovery of the person’s physical, social and economic health as defined by WHO.

Objectives of the mission

Support the strengthening of the skills of physiotherapy professionals:

  •  Perineal and Pelvic Rehabilitation
  •  Development of a training module for midwives
     Anatomy / physiology of the urinary, digestive and reproductive system. Treated diseases: urinary (urinary incontinence, overactive bladder), anorectal (anal incontinence, functional constipation), pelvic-perineal pain (vulvovaginal diseases, dyspareunia etiology / vestibulodynia / vaginismus, scar), prolapse
  •  Importance of prevention vs long-term impact of urogenital, anorectal problems
  • Pregnancy and postpartum: preventive perineal care (strengthening pelvic floor muscles and perineal stretching), perineal healing (pelvic floor muscle weakness)
  •  Assessment (muscle strength, prolapse, tone), treatment (pessary, ex’s programs, counseling / education, posture), prevention of infection transmission to the population and health professionals
  •  Provide better diagnoses and treatment plans for patients
  •  Clinical accompaniment of professionals 


Volunteers wanted

  • Amanda Matos, Physiotherapist, Chef de Mission
  • Suzanne Fortin, Physiotherapist

Requirements and skills sought

Member in good standing of the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec (OPPQ)

Work experience

Physiotherapist Head of Mission: 5 years of practice experience (international cooperation mission experience an asset)
Physiotherapist and TRP participants: at least 2 years of practice experience

Experience in international cooperation
Previous experience an asset

Work language

Personal skills
• Adherence to the values ​​and beliefs of PSF and TSF
• Very good ability to live in conditions

Apply for

To send your application with a curriculum vitae or to have more information on this mission, please contact us



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