HTSF in Honduras – Autumn 2018

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Join our Community Health Development Program

Between 2015 and 2020, Terre Sans Frontières will send volunteers to Bolivia, Honduras and Tanzania, with the support of Global Affairs Canada. This program, entitled Volunteer cooperation project between professionals aims to strengthen the individual and organizational capacities of several partners in the fields of dentistry, optometry and homeopathy.

Framework of intervention

  • Location: Honduras
  • Work environment: 8 clinics (Teupasenti, San Juan de Flores, Opatoro / La Florida, Cane, Valle de Angeles, Omoa / Cuyamel)
  • Dates: October 7th to 21th 2018 ; October 21st to November 4th (or 10th) 2018
  • Partners: AMHON



Mandate: objectives

  • Continued sharing of basic family health knowledge through homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis among students and health promoters:
  • Continuing education on the following common pathologies: diarrhea, infections, coughs, fevers, trauma, etc.
  • Continuous training on more chronic pathologies including high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty degeneration, etc.
  •  Continuing education on preventive homeopathy on the following four vector-borne diseases: Chagas disease, malaria, dengue and chikungunya.
  •   Follow-up of the 8 dispensaries (Teupasenti, San Juan de Flores, Opatoro / La Florida, Cane, Valle de Angeles, Omoa / Cuyamel) :
  • Continuation of the first and second level homeopathic training of the professional responsible for each clinic.
  •  A deep introduction to homeopathy, its basic theoretical foundation and history.
  • The development of homeopathy as integral, preventive and scientific medicine.
  • The methodology of homeopathy.
  • Continued training in duplication of homeopathic remedies.

Professionals joined by these courses offer care at 8 homeopathic clinics.


  • Team Leader: Carla Marcelis, Homoeopath
  • Nicole Préault, Homoeopath
  • Cynthia Lemire,  Homeopathic student ; CRHA

Requirements and skills

Experience in international cooperation

Previous experience an asset

Work language



Volunteers will have to make a financial contribution to Terre Sans Frontières in the form of fundraising

Personal skills

  •  Adherence to the values ​​and beliefs of HTSF and TSF
  •  Very good adaptability
  •  Very good ability to work in an intercultural context
  •  Very good ability to work in a team
  •  Good sense of organization and planning
  • High degree of professionalism

Mandatory meetings

Before departure, TSF organizes at its offices a pre-departure meeting to prepare the volunteers, as well as a meeting on return, for a return meeting

To Apply

To send your resume or request more information about this mission, please contact us

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