Copie – CPA in Tanzania – Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

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M-3 Tanzania

Tanzania (cities of Moshi and Arusha)

Date of mission
Fall 2017
Winter 2018

Mission length
Three weeks in the field
(Mission preparation and planning required before departure)

Number of cooperants sought
3 cooperants per mission

Terre Sans Frontières is an international cooperation organization that supports and strengthens its southern education, health and community development partners . TSF has been sending volunteer professional cooperants to work with its partners in the field for 15 years. The following organizations are part of TSF’s Without Borders family: Dentistes Sans Frontières, Optométristes Sans Frontières, Homéopathes de Terre Sans Frontières, Construction Sans Frontières and CPA Without Borders.

CPA Without Borders (CPAWB), a non-profit organization overseen by TSF, was founded in 2013 by a group of chartered professional accountants who wanted to make a positive contribution to the well-being of populations in need, mainly beyond our borders.
CPAWB volunteers professional services in CPAs’ recognized areas of expertise to NGOs and organizations serving underprivileged populations, and also helps develop local skills.

During their humanitarian missions, the volunteer cooperants will support and guide the groups they are sent to work with. The purpose of this administrative and accounting support is to facilitate sustainable development in the field, rounding out the local resources at the heart of the interventions.

CPAWB aims to teach and develop local skills in the areas of sound financial management, sound governance and ethics, fairness, and sustainable development, as well as any other topic related to professional accountants’ areas of expertise, with a view to encouraging people to espouse these values.

CPAWB also recruits, trains and guides volunteers who want to help attain these goals.


Cooperants will work with Tanzania United Parents Secondary Schools (TUPSS) in Tanzania to develop a uniform chart of accounts for the organization’s member schools, and begin the migration from a manual accounting system to a computerized one (Quickbooks software). The intervention plan includes accounting training and training on how to use Quickbooks for the schools’ employees. Cooperants will review how operations are organized with school employees, as well as use Quickbooks tools as much as possible to manage student files and produce accounting documents, such as invoices and covering letters.

A preliminary diagnosis of TUPPS schools identified opportunities to improve accounting and management practices, in particular those relating to the application of accounting principles, activity-based management, financial analysis, cash management, budget planning and efficient use of the accounting system (Quickbooks).

Subsequent missions made it possible to understand and document the processes of the key management functions of two flagship schools, which will serve as models for the other schools in the group, as well as simulate the transfer of transactions related to student registration to Quickbooks.

During this mission, cooperants will migrate the entire accounting system to Quickbooks, make the necessary adjustments, and organize and implement the required improvement with school employees. Cooperants must continually strive to provide employees with the basic training needed to ensure the work is accurate and sustainable.

Familiarity with Quickbooks, accounting experience in small and medium organizations, and the ability to simplify accounting concepts and teach them to people who do not have any academic background are essential to the mission’s success.
TUPPS is a non-government institution that comprises a network of 14 secondary schools in various regions of the country. The organization’s objective is to improve cooperation between its schools in order to ensure the highest educational standards in Tanzania. Nearly 9,800 students, of which 59% are girls, attend the schools. In addition to the education provided, these schools hold income-generating activities related to agriculture, livestock, baking and machinery.


Cooperants will provide Quickbooks expertise and leverage their skills to attain the mission objective.

Before the mission
 Become familiar with the mission schools
 Follow up on the chart of accounts model based on the mission schools’ transactions
 Monitor the continued implementation of the approved chart of accounts
 Prepare training content and materials
 Attend a pre-departure meeting
During the mission
 Implement the chart of accounts
 Provide training and knowledge transfer sessions
 Keep a daily log of the mission
After the mission
 Follow up with the visited partner
 Draft a final mission report
 Provide photos to document the mission


• Member in good standing of the Quebec CPA Order

• At least two years of practice in an accounting position
• Experience in setting up Quickbooks
• Experience in using Quickbooks for accounting and payroll management
• Experience in management accounting (activity-based accounting)
• Experience in an educational environment, an asset

• Advanced knowledge of Quickbooks software
• Knowledge of school organization, a plus
• Good communication and knowledge transfer skills

• Previous experience, an asset

• English

• Quickbooks

• Espousal of CPAWB’s and TSF’s values and principles
High degree of comfort with modest living conditions
Marked ability to work in an intercultural context
• Remarkable flexibility and adaptability
• Excellent team player
• Good organizational and planning skills
• Great professionalism


Cooperants will be responsible for funding a portion of the mission’s expenses.


Applicants must be members of CPA Without Borders.
Send your application with a resumé and letter of interest to Annie Durand at


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