Integrated development in villages

Sahel 21-TSF in Mali, oversees a wide-ranging integrated community development program in 37 Kolokani Cercle villages, in the Koulikoro region.

Efforts are undertaken to support local development, literacy, sexual, reproductive and nutritional health, entrepreneurship, and access to credit, with a view to helping the villages attain positive results.

Operating area
Koulikoro, Mali

Support for local development
The goal is for village communities to develop a significant number of independent technical, institutional and financial structures on a local and inter-village scale by 2024. Local stakeholders will be trained and equipped to oversee all operations with transparency and credibility.

Sexual, reproductive and nutritional health
Programs and workshops were developed to collaborate closely with all sectors involved and ensure the health and nutritional wellbeing of young girls, as well as men and women in the area.

Access to credit
A credit system was developed to support economic initiatives in 37 villages.

Train, support, guide and provide financial assistance to developers for their business projects, from inception to growth.

Support in Banankoro
This project supports and transfers knowledge to the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis, with a view to extending the scope of their individual and group work with women in Banankoro, a periurban area near Bamako.