Inoculation Campaign

Posted on 19 March 2001

Categories: Avions Sans Frontières

In the autumn of 2000 Avions Sans Frontières (ASF) participated in a campaign of vaccination against polio organized by UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The contribution of ASF was in the transport and distribution of vaccines for the inoculation of more than 40 000 children. ln the target region, the percentage of children inoculated went from 8 % to 30 %; this is higher than the percentage targeted by the World Health, Organization (WHO). The availability of a stock of vaccines for routine inoculations had an important impact on children under 5. An analysis of the reports from a number of regions show that thanks to ASF, protection against tuberculoses (BCG) went from 11 % to 45 %, against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (DTC)frorn 9 % to 33 %, against chicken pox (VAR) from11 % to 36 %, and against tetanus (VAT) from 7 % to 15 %, Next July, Avions Sans Frontières will be involved in the second phase of the inoculation campaign made possible in DRCongo with a financial contribution of 42 000 $ from the Canadian International Development Agency.


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