Improving maternal and infant health care

In the Kilimanjaro region, improving maternal and infant health care is a priority. Maternal mortality is high there, with 398 deaths per 100,000 births.

Huruma is the referral hospital for this region, which is considered among the most disadvantaged in terms of access to health care. The hospital serves a poor and isolated population of 300,000 through its four health centres and 43 dispensaries.

Many of Huruma Hospital’s departments have seen no improvements since it opened in 1968. Such is the case for the maternity ward, which has 43 beds and where 2,500 women give birth each year. The facility is dilapidated. Much of the equipment is obsolete, which makes it difficult for midwives and nurses to provide proper maternal, infant and reproductive health care, or improve their services.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the number of patients at the hospital to increase significantly, compromising the environment where women give birth and putting them at even greater risk.

To improve maternity medical care and offer better protection against COVID-19, TSF and Roncalli International Foundation have launched a project.

1- Rehabilitate the building housing Huruma Hospital’s maternity ward.
2- Equip the ward with delivery beds, an incubator, a fetal monitor, wheelchairs and stretchers.
3- Protect staff and women in labour from COVID-19 by providing adequate equipment, training medical staff on preventive measures and raising awareness among hospital patients.

2,500 women

Local partners
Huruma Hospital
The Ministry of Health of Tanzania
Diocese of Moshi
Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjarotion internationale Roncalli ont lancé un projet.