First mission to the Philippines

Posted on 8 December 2008

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From January 11 to February 1st, 2008, a small team from Chiropractic Without Borders (CWB) composed of Doctors Marc Perreault and Stéphanie Brulé, assisted by Mr. Michel Laplante, went to the Philippines.

Since this was the first mission in this country, the team was narrowed down to better evaluate the workplace and to plan future missions. Nevertheless, the team examined 511 patients, 294 of them being senior citizens. The chiropractors noted how hard and how often workers strained themselves physically, in hard conditions, which inevitably led to more problems. They diagnosed several cases of lumbago and shoulder problems, as well as fractures and badly-healed dislocations. Dr. Stéphanie Brûlé was thrilled by the experience. “To me, being on a mission is a privilege. It is a unique opportunity to discover a country and its people. I feel enlightened from all the people I met, from those who helped us as well as those we helped. The greatest part of such a mission stays with us, in our hearts.”


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