FIC Partner Intervention in South Sudan

Posted on 8 October 2014

Categories: Education

By : Jean-François Dubois <br>After decades of war in the North, South Sudan finally gained independence in July 2011 becoming the 193th nation of the United Nations.

As a result, the country is somewhat disorganized and needs all the help it can get to overcome the delays accumulated in terms of development, especially concerning the education of young people. The Brothers of Christian Instruction in Uganda decided to establish a mission enabling the young South Sudanese to benefit from a quality education. After consultations and discussions, their choice fell on the area of Riimenze, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. In October 2013, I traveled to Riimenze to see where this new mission of the Ugandan Brothers in South Sudan was located, and to assess their needs. There, I met Brother Achille, a young Ugandan religious missionary, full of enthusiasm, with the pioneering fibre, ready to face challenges and living in particularly difficult conditions. The foundation for the Brothers’ residence was dug and the walls had just begun to rise. Today, the residence is nearly finished and the brothers still intend on opening the school in 2015. Thanks to the generous contributions of Canadian religious communities, Terre Sans Frontières has raised approximately $70,000 CDN, a sum which, when combined with other funds collected elsewhere, will allow for the construction of the elementary school. Two other Brothers should come support Brother Achille with the construction of the school and the implementation of the education programs. Currently, South Sudan is again in the throes of a new civil war, South Sudanese this time. However, the region of Riimenze is not affected and the Brothers of Christian Instruction can pursue their work. Our heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to the construction of this school.


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