Ensuring the protection of refugees

Berthe Zibili Anihili is a protection monitor for TSF in Aba, in the province of Haut-Uele, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this region, TSF intervenes in collaboration with the UNHCR to ensure the protection of refugees mainly from South Sudan, and Congolese repatriated.

“My role is to identify, collect and document cases of violations of the human rights of refugees and the host community, to raise awareness of these violations, to carry out response actions, and to strengthen the capacities of the communities”, explains Mrs. Zibili Anihili. The cases she encounters relate in particular to the violation of the right to life and physical integrity, sexual and gender-based violence, and violations of the right to property, the right to liberty or the right to asylum.

“In the event of a violation, I must contact partners capable of finding solutions by referring, directing or intervening with medical, state, community and humanitarian structures. The care of the victims must be done at the medical, psychological, legal and socio-economic level”, specifies the monitor of protection.

To fight against these violations, a great deal of awareness-raising is done with the communities, as much to encourage the victims to file a complaint against the aggressors, particularly in the event of sexual assault, as to promote peaceful cohabitation.

“This prevention work also involves strengthening the capacities of the members of the Community Protection Committees, whose role is to ensure respect for human rights and encourage peaceful coexistence”, underlines Ms. Zibili Anihili, who is delighted to be able to intervene in his field of study. “It is a job that leads me to serve vulnerable people, which trains me scientifically and which allows me to meet my needs and those of my family. »