Emergency Help


Following the terrible earthquake that devastated the capital Port-au-Prince in 2010, TSF embarked on a vast reconstruction project in several regions.


The passage of the hurricane in 2016 demolished a large number of infrastructures. In addition to being one of the first organizations to provide aid to populations, TSF has undertaken the reconstruction of several schools.


When the earth shook in August 2021, the TSF field team immediately intervened to provide the affected populations with basic necessities, shelter and care.

Since the terrible earthquake that devastated the capital Port-au-Prince in 2010, TSF has been present with the populations at each disaster.

The experience acquired now allows us to intervene quickly by relying on a logistics force with a responsive, mobile and reliable local team, capable of coordinating with local actors to adapt to all situations.
Real-time targeted response
1st dimension: in time
Our response is rapid and the interventions affect the short, medium and long term, successively ensuring the assessment of the damage, the response to urgent needs and the reconstruction.

2nd dimension: Variety and complementarity of interventions
TSF’s response to emergency situations affects several sectors in order to meet as many needs as possible, including:
Food and drinking water
Social appeasement
The social appeasement program was set up in the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets in 2018 to counter the insecurity caused by the presence of armed gangs in the slums, as well as the chaos that can be caused by natural disasters.

Three main objectives:
1- The reduction of gender-based violence
2- Reduction of insecurity
3- Hunger reduction

The activities set up in consultation with representatives of each zone are varied and focused on real needs which include access to drinking water, the organization of sports and artistic activities, adult literacy and schooling of children.