Development through health and education

The cornerstone of TSF’s interventions in Senegal is development through health and education projects.

TSF also sends volunteer in the field to support our partners. Our health projects are established in particular with the National Association of Catholic Health Posts of Senegal (ANPSCS). The latter brings together 76 health facilities, a nursery and a midwifery school in Dakar. The ANPSCS aims to work for health and social development integrating care in a preventive, curative and social perspective with a view to the overall restoration of the person’s health from a physical, social and economic point of view as defined by WHO.

Global Budget
$75,000 CAD​

Education Development
Reinforcement of existing structures, in particular through the of the installation of solar systems and the construction of schools

Health development
The mandates through the ANPSCS health posts focus on specific themes such as strengthening professionals, in order to provide better care to Senegalese men and women.

Voluntary cooperation
The health projects are affiliated with the sending of volunteers. Targeted professional volunteers in the field of health and in particular physiotherapy have carried out several mandates.
– Teaching more than 20 different notions in physiotherapy, maternal health and gynecology;
– Accompaniment in clinical practices with midwives;
– Development of a training module for midwives;
– Production of memory aids to facilitate the teaching of professionals;
– Development and planning of a module in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation.

National Association of Catholic Health Posts of Senegal(ANPSCS)