Dental and visual care

The dental and visual care project in Tanzania aims to increase the organizational and professional capacities of specialized clinics in the fields of visual and dental health, in order to increase the service offer to the population.

The activities carried out, in particular thanks to the support of volunteer, make it possible to carry out many activities including technical, theoretical and practical training for capacity building as well as awareness workshops on dental hygiene, visual health, gender equality and the environment.

In general, the interventions allow:

– Organizations working in health and education to improve their professional and organizational capacity to deliver health care;

– Groups of citizens (relays of the action of the partners in the local communities) to increase their health knowledge and their self-esteem;

– Local resources to be trained or perfected in dentistry and optometry, including prevention;

– Clinics to offer communities new services or reinforce existing ones, at no or very low cost;

– Professional health and education circles to be made aware of public health issues and to contribute to solving them.