An exceptional situation

Posted on 14 May 2020

Categories: COVID-19, News

Jean Fortin

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with a crisis in the field, but the COVID-19 pandemic has us facing an exceptional situation, especially in our countries of intervention.

However, this crisis is of a different nature, affecting all parts of the world simultaneously. This pandemic seemingly does not discriminate between countries of the North and the South, but in reality, serious disparities persist. In our countries of intervention, health systems are vulnerable, and there is no social safety net to compensate for lost income, which only makes things worse.

For TSF, the situation calls for concrete actions to protect our medical personnel, partners and beneficiaries. Of course, I’m referring to our medical staff, whose lives are at risk due to their work in clinics, hospitals and health centres. I am also referring to our regular employees in home confinement, who can count on our support to come back physically and mentally fit when this pandemic is finally over. And last but not least, I’m referring to the refugees we care for, the children we provide shelter for, the farmers we support, and the abused women whose journeys we share.

These emotionally charged times are filled with acts of bravery and testimonies to the courage of each and every one of these people. By sharing their experiences, we hope to convince you to join us in facing our everyday challenges.

Our hope is that if we make it through this crisis together, you will get to know us better, support us, and discover that LIVING THE TSF WAY MEANS FIGHTING, BELIEVING, GIVING AND STANDING UP FOR LIFE


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