Community health care for indigenous populations

The Altiplano region is very vast and the distances to be traveled are great to have access to health centers. The services there are basic and there is a crying lack of specialized infrastructure in several communities. TSF aims to strengthen its partner municipalities so that they offer adapted and personalized services according to the reality of their inhabitants.

Our interventions revolve around 3 types of activities:

Installation of new services
In collaboration with the municipalities, TSF is setting up clinics, particularly in optometry and optics as well as physiotherapy. Residents can then obtain quality care locally without having to travel to major urban centers.

Strengthening of existing services
We also support health centers in strengthening certain existing services, through, among other things, the provision of specialized materials and equipment. This is how nutrition, gynecology and dentistry clinics have been able to improve their capacity and serve a greater number of patients.
Strengthening the skills of health professionals
We promote an exchange of expertise between local and Canadian professionals.

The actions of volunteer cooperators are intrinsically linked to the TSF program in Bolivia

Capacity building of local professionals (in person or virtual)
Technical support in the development of new projects
Intermediaries with other partners in Canada

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