A well-appreciated intervention in Ecuador

Posted on 8 December 2008

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A team of Chiropractic Without Borders (CWB) composed of Dr. Isabelle Gendron and graduates Émilie Gaignard, Isabelle Lemyre, Annie-Claude Roy, Marie-Hélène Paillé, Anie Desaulniers and Evelyne Caron worked in Ecuaor from July 5 to 19, 2008.

For this mission, the team went to Ricaurte, a parish about two hours from the coastal city of Guayaquil. The interventions were mainly destined to help disabled children from a specialized school, but also to help the population of neighbouring villages. “People work very hard in the banana plantations and in farms. Moreover, the chemical products used in the banana plantations cause several malformations and handicaps,” stated Dr. Isabelle Gendron, while rejoicing that the team was able to help several thousands of people thanks to chiropractic. Moreover, treatments were so appreciated by the population that inhabitants thought the team should absolutely come to their village. “They thought that we would spend a whole week with them, so they were disappointed when they learned we could only work there for one day,” said Évelyne Caron.


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