A Dream Come True

The day the dentistry equipment donated by Terre Sans Frontières was unloaded from the truck at the Laja Health Center in Bolivia was a day of great happiness for Dr. Eduardo Pacosillo, dentist. What was an idea, a dream, became reality. The dental chairs and X-ray machine received would benefit the entire population of Pucarani.

Of course, there was already the support of the volunteers who came to share their skills through the TSF volunteer cooperation program.

“We were offered a lot of training and honestly, there are several things that we didn’t know. Their coming from Canada has allowed us to improve our work and customer service,” confirms Dr. Eduardo, adding that things that had not been practiced or taught at university became possible thanks to the reinforcement capabilities offered over the years.

But the arrival of equipment has also changed the situation in terms of the quality and efficiency of care. “Previously, we were doing 90% extractions. Now we are doing 90% processing. It is a relief for the population,” says Dr. Pacosillo.

Roberto Tonconi Lopez, a 16-year-old student, can attest to this. “I wanted to have two molars removed which hurt and made it difficult for me to eat. But the dentist said no, treated me well and I have no more pain.”

The other benefit for patients is that they no longer have to travel to town for x-rays. “People can get quality service on the spot and at low cost. They save time and money,” says Dr. Pacosillo.

In addition, the Laja health center has gained in reputation and is even becoming a point of reference for treatments and dental news for the entire province.