HTSF in Honduras – Autumn 2018

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2018 Fall Mandate

Homeopaths of Terre sans Frontières (HTSF) is  looking for volunteers, homeopaths and homeopathic interns for 2 upcoming missions in Honduras :

  • October 7 th to October 21th, 2018
  • October 21th to November 4th (or November 10th), 2018

Mission objectives:

  • Continued sharing of basic family health knowledge through homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis among students and health promoters:
  • Continuing education on the following common pathologies: diarrhea, infections, coughs, fevers, trauma, etc.
  • Continuous training on more chronic pathologies including high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty degeneration, etc.
  •  Continuing education on preventive homeopathy on the following four vector-borne diseases: Chagas disease, malaria, dengue and chikungunya.
  •  Follow-up of the 6 dispensaries (Teupasenti, Cantarranas, Opatoro / Florida, Cane, Valle de Angeles, Omoa):
  • Continuation of the first and second level homeopathic training of the professional responsible for each clinic.
  •  A deep introduction to homeopathy, its basic theoretical foundation and history.
  • The development of homeopathy as integral, preventive and scientific medicine.
  • The methodology of homeopathy.
  • Continued training in duplication of homeopathic remedies.

Professionals joined by these courses offer care at 8 homeopathic clinics.

Head of Mission
Carla Marcelis, Homoeopath


  • Nicole Préault, Homoeopath
  • Cynthia Lemire,  Homeopathic student ; CRHA

This mission Une coopération volontaire de professionnel(le)s à professionnel(le)s (A Volunteer Cooperation Project Between Professionals) is part of a financed programm of Global Affairs Canada.

To Apply
To send your resume or request more information about this mission, please contact us


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